MIT International Center for Air Transportation


To Improve the safety, efficiency and capacity of domestic and international air transportation and its infrastructure, utilizing information technology and human centered systems analysis.

photos by Tamas Kolos-Lakatos

Recent Papers

Systems-Level Analysis of On Demand Mobility for Aviation
     Parker D. Vascik and R. John Hansman

Modeling Performance and Noise of Advanced Operational Procedures for Current and Future Aircraft
     Jacqueline L. Thomas and R. John Hansman

Understanding the Effect of Cognitive Reference Frames on Unmanned Aircraft Operations
     Matthew Rabe and R. John Hansman

The Emergence and E ects of the Ultra-Low Cost Carrier (ULCC) Business Model in the U.S. Airline Industry
     Alexander R. Bachwich and Michael D. Wittman

Fuel Benefit from Optimal Trajectory Assignment on the North Atlantic Tracks
     Henry H. Tran and R. John Hansman

Divergence Between the Human State Assumption and Actual Aircraft System State
     Sathya Silva and R. John Hansman

Development of an In-Flight-Deployable Micro-UAV
     Tony S. Tao and R. John Hansman

Design and Performance of an Adaptable Aircraft Manufacturing Concept
     Tony S. Tao and R. John Hansman

Tarmac Delay Policies: A Passenger-Centric Analysis
    Chiwei Yan, Vikrant Vaze, Allison Vanderboll, and Cynthia Barnhart