MIT International Center for Air Transportation


To Improve the safety, efficiency and capacity of domestic and international air transportation and its infrastructure, utilizing information technology and human centered systems analysis.

photos by Tamas Kolos-Lakatos

Recent Papers:

Aircraft Cruise Phase Altitude Optimization Considering Contrail Avoidance
     Hang Gao and John Hansman

Pilot Perception and Use of ADS-B Traffic and Weather Services (TIS-B & FIS-B)  
     Sathya Silva and Luke Jensen

Fuel Efficiency Benefits and Implementation Consideration for Cruise Altitude and Speed Optimization in the National Airspace System
     Luke Jensen and R. John Hansman

2013 Data Update: Trends and Market Forces Shaping Small Community Air Service in the United States
     Michael Wittman

An Assessment of Air Service Accessibility in U.S. Metropolitan Regions, 2007-2012
     Michael Wittman

Public Funding of Airport Incentives: The Efficacy of the Small Community Air Service Development Grant (SCASDG) Program
     Michael Wittman

Development of a High-Preceision ADS-B Based Conflict Alerting System for Operations in the Airport Environment
      Fabrice Kunzi and R. John Hansman

The Influence Of Runway Occupancy Time And Wake Vortex Separation Requirements On Runway Throughput
     Tamas Kolos-Lakatos and R. John Hansman

Evolving Trends of U.S. Domestic Airfares: The Impacts of Competition, Consolidation, and Low-Cost Carriers
     Michael D. Wittman and William S. Swelbar
     Study dicussed in USA Today article "Southwest's influence on lowering airfares waning"

Human Factors Flight Testing of an ADS-B Based Traffic Alerting System for General Aviation
     Sathya Silva, Hongseok Cho, Fabrice Kunzi, and R. John Hansman

Anomaly Detection in Airline Routine Operations Using Flight Data Recorder Data
     Lishuai Li and R. John Hansman

Modeling Changes in Connectivity at U.S. Airports: A Small Community Perspective
     Michael Wittman and William Swelbar

The Importance of Air Transportation to the U.S. Economy: Analysis of Industry Use and Proximity to Airports
     Justin Stilwell and R. John Hansman

Trends and Market Forces Shaping Small Community Air Service in the United States
     Michael Wittman and William Swelbar
     Study discussed in Wall Street Journal article "Leaner Airlines Mean Fewer Routes"

Airport Characterization for the Adaptation of Surface Congestion Management Approaches
     Melanie Sandberg, Tom Reynolds, Harshad Khadilkar and Hamsa Balakrishnan

Human Factors Studies of an ADS-B Based Traffic Alerting System for General Aviation
     Sathya Silva, Hongseok Cho, Hang Gao, Fabrice Kunzi, and Professor R. John Hansman

The Impact of Fuel Based Speed Reductions on Controller Conflicts in the National Airspace System
     Heiko Udluft and R. John Hansman

An Approach to Analyze Tradeoffs for Aerospace System Design and Operation
     Gregory O'Neill and R. John Hansman

Current and Historical Trends in General Aviation in the United States
     Kamala Shetty and R. John Hansman

Design and Development of a High-Altitude, In-Flight-Deployable Micro-UAV
     Tony S. Tao and R. John Hansman

Assessment of the Ability of Existing Airport Gate Infrastructure to Accommodate Transport Category Aircraft with Increased Wingspan for Improved Fuel Efficiency
     Kristina Bishop and R. John Hansman

Evaluating The Depiction of Complex RNAV/RNP Procedures and Analyzing a Potential De-Cluttering Technique
      Abhizna Butchibabu and R. John Hansman

Analysis of Airspace Traffic Structure and Air Traffic Control Techniques
     Emilio Alverne Falcão de Albuquerque Filh and, R. John Hansman

Understanding the Impact of Potential Best-Equipped, Best-Served Policies on the En-Route Air Traffic Controller Performance and Workload
     HongSeok Cho and R. John Hansman

Development of an Autoland System for General Aviation Aircraft
     Diana Siegel and R. John Hansman